‘Thanks to our staff combined with our successful business model, we were able to continue our journey of becoming the world’s leading beverage solution provider’

Hans Roelofs
Chief Executive Officer

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The year 2020 saw many great examples of bringing our values to life and supporting the communities we work and live in.

Refresco UK refreshes key workers across the country

Refresco UK delivered multiple batches of drinks and other refreshments from all their locations to the National Health Services (NHS), hospices and other people in need in their local communities, to show their support and appreciation for the fantastic work they have been doing. One example was the donation of two trucks filled with drinks to a hospital in London, as part of the NHS’s One Million meals campaign, which is dedicated to feeding key workers on the frontline as they continue to fight against Covid-19 and save lives.

Refresco Iberia donates drinks and protective gear

Refresco Iberia donated tens of thousands of beverages this year as well as protective gear. Pictured here is the donation of 14,000 drinks to the Red Cross, these were distributed to families in need that live close to the Refresco Iberia plant in Oliva (near Valencia, Spain). In addition, they donated personal protective gear to health services staff in the province that our Alcolea plant is located in.

Columbus (Georgia, USA) produces hand sanitizing products

Our Columbus R&D concentrate manufacturing site had never manufactured hand sanitizer before. Using its resources, ingenuity and raw materials, it came up with an 80% alcohol-based product that follows World Health Organization recommendations and that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They were able to quickly secure a state permit to be allowed to produce this, and the first production run of 2,000 gallons of hand sanitizer solutions was at the end of April.

In total, more than 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer were produced and distributed to sites across Europe and North America, and part of it was donated. More than 1,000 gallons of the hand sanitizer production were donated to organizations in need, including healthcare facilities, hospices, homeless shelters, law enforcement offices and nursing homes.

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